Yellowstone season 5 trailer breakdown: First look at John Dutton

Yellowstone season 5 full trailer promises more explosive drama, But what's around the corner for Dutton?

In its fourth season, Taylor's neo-Western series Yellowstone garnered nearly 9 million viewers per episode on the Paramount Network.

 It proves it's as much a force as the dramatic family it focuses on.

With the recent release of the Season 5 trailer, it appears that the show has no intention of slowing down.

Let's break down the threads of the story that the trailer has confirmed, 

and what this could mean for our family of anti-heroes.

In the last few episodes of season four, we didn't hear much about the governor's expectations of the Dutton patriarch, John.

In one of the memorable moments, John pulls the rug from under his adopted son, Jamie, once again, breaking Jamie's fragile heart once again.