The character fans of Nattu Kaka in TMKOC show were waiting for a long time.

Gujarati theater artist Kiran Bhatt will be seen as Nattu Kaka.

He had a lot of difficulties in finding the character of Nattu Kaka.

Every character of TMKOC has left a mark on the hearts of the audience.

Asit Modi told that, Kiran Bhatt is a very big artist of Gujarati theatre.

There is calmness in his nature while comic timing is also excellent.

Such an artist was on the lookout for the character of Nattu Kaka.

The replacement of Ghanshyam ji as Nattu Kaka was very difficult for me.

Just as the fans have given love to Ghanshyam ji, so should the new Nattu Kaka also get it.

That's why he named the new character as Nattu Kaka.