Government High Paid Jobs: Government of India highest paid jobs, definitely apply

Government High Paid Jobs: Government of India's highest paid jobs, definitely apply

Government Of India’s Highest Paid Jobs: Some Government of India jobs are not only excellent in terms of position but also in terms of money. Hearing the benefits of jobs, you would also like to do such a job. ‘Byjus’ gave information about the salary of some such jobs.

  1. Indian Foreign Service officers are selected through the Civil Services Examination. There is a huge responsibility on these officers representing India abroad. The salary of officers serving India as Foreign Secretary starts from Rs 60,000.
  2. IAS and IPS officers have a separate rank in India. The salary of IAS and IPS officers starts from Rs 56,000 per month. In the posh area, many facilities including big bungalow, official vehicle, chauffeur, security guards attract the youth a lot.
  3. On joining the Defense Service i.e. Defense Service, your starting salary is Rs 55,000 per month and it can reach up to 2.5 lakh rupees every month with your hard work. Apart from this, the respect for this service in the society and the benefits received by all the methods by joining the service are also amazing.
  4. In childhood, many people dream of becoming a scientist and engineer. Let us tell you that if this dream of yours comes true then in reality you can get 68,000 rupees every month in your bank account. This is just the starting salary, it may increase with time.
  5. If you want to try your hand in the banking sector, then RBI Grade B can be a very good option to start your career. Apart from Rs 65,000 per month, you will get a big flat in a posh area, fuel allowance, children’s education allowance along with many facilities.

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