The Umbrella Academy season 3 ending explained

The Umbrella Academy season 3

The Umbrella Academy season 3: The Umbrella Academy is back, reuniting us with the superpowered Hargreeves siblings and their super-sized daddy issues. Season 2 may have ended with our heroes preventing the apocalypse and time-traveling back to the present, but that supposed victory had dire consequences.

The Hargreaves time travel shenanigans created a different timeline, one where the Umbrella Academy has been replaced by the ruthless Sparrow Academy. They’ve also triggered a chain of events that threatens to bring about the apocalypse, so it’s up to them to once again save the world.

Since this is now The Umbrella Academy’s third installment, the “we only have x amount of time to stop the apocalypse” formula risks feeling a little overdone. Lucky for us, Season 3 avoids that pitfall (for the most part), keeping the Hargreeves’ adventures feeling fresh with powerful new character developments and a fun set of villains to face off against.

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Spoilers ahead for The Umbrella Academy season 3

With so many twists this season, particularly revolving around time travel, there can be a lot of different threads to keep track of regarding the show’s many plots. Plus, with the Sparrows added to this season, there are even more characters to keep tabs on, so it’s understandable that you might want some clarity on how everything ends.

What happens to the Sparrows?

Despite all the build-up to the Sparrow Academy, it doesn’t really last long. Most of the Sparrows are dead by the mid-way point of the season and ultimately only Sloane and Ben make it out alive. Actually, we only know for sure Ben is alive, even Sloane’s fate is left up in the air at the end.

Marcus dies first after getting sucked into the Kugelblitz, followed by Harlan killing Jayme and Alphonso. Later, Fei and Christopher get killed by the Kugelbltiz, too.

What was Reginald’s plan?

We find out that even the new Reginald, who appeared nicer than the old one, is still manipulative and cruel, willing to sacrifice his children to get what he wants. In the final two episodes of the season, Reginald murders Luther and then shoves Klaus out of the tunnel between Hotel Obsidian and Oblivion.

Once in Oblivion, he uses his kids as the “seven bells” to activate an interdimensional machine that feeds on their particles. We don’t get all the details on exactly what Reginald wants, but we know it relates to “Abigail Hargreeves.”

Do Klaus and Luther survive?

Since Reginald kills Luther and prevents Klaus from escaping with the rest of his family, it looked like they were done for. Luther ended up in the void with Klaus. Luckily, when Reginald resets the timeline (or whatever it is he does), Luther and Klaus manage to escape and return to reality with the rest of their siblings. So yes, by the end of the season, both of them are alive (albeit powerless).

Who is Abigail Hargreeves?

We don’t find out who Abigail Hargreeves is this season, but she’s clearly important. In a flashback to the time Luther spent on the moon, we see Abigail contained at a secret base. Then, at the very end of the season, we see Reginald and Abigail standing in a skyscraper, holding hands as they look over the city (it’s very reminiscent of the Fight Club ending).

My guess is that Abigail is someone Reginald loves, I’m assuming romantically. But could she be his biological daughter or something? His alien bride? I’m guessing we’ll find out next season!

What happens at the end?

At the end of the season, Reginald almost kills Lila, Diego, Klaus, Viktor, Ben, Sloane, and Five by using his machine and draining their particles. When Allison sees what Reginald is doing to her siblings, she finally regains her senses and attacks him, killing him with a discarded guardian weapon.

However, whatever Reginald was doing appears to work as a diagram appears on the machine interface and Allison presses it. After that, the entire universe resets. Klaus, Lila, Diego, Ben, Viktor and Luther suddenly arrive in a courtyard where the hotel used to be. Everyone is healed and safe, meaning Five has his arm back and Diego’s fingers are back. Luther and Klaus are alive and well.

The only key difference is that… well, everyone’s powers are gone. Whatever Reginald’s reset did also took away everyone’s abilities. And Sloane is M.I.A. Luther immediately panics when he realizes his wife is not among the rest and goes off looking for her.

Everyone else separates from there, with Lila and Diego going off together, Ben splintering off on his own, Klaus chasing after Luther (since he was recently dead and is now fragile) and Viktor and Five also going off on their own.

Is Allison in a different timeline than everyone else?

One thing of note is that Allison does not arrive back in the courtyard. It’s not entirely clear where she ends up, but she immediately goes to find Claire. Claire is back and not only that, Raymond is alive and well, too! It looks like Reginald fulfilled whatever end of the deal he made with Allison, which is interesting because Reginald looked ready to betray Allison at Hotel Oblivion (he did not know Klaus would make it, and if Klaus hadn’t, then I assume Allison would have had to become the seventh bell).

But what is also of note is that Allison is not healed from her injuries. Her arms are still wrapped and she looks exactly the same as she did when we last saw her, contrary to her siblings, like Diego and Five, who were reset and had their limbs back and no cuts or anything.

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Does that mean Allison is now in another timeline from the rest of her family? Could that also mean that, unlike her siblings, Allison still has her powers? It’s also strange that Raymond is now alive, but Claire is still Claire. Surely if Allison and Raymond had a child together, it wouldn’t be “Claire,” as we know her. Unless it’s all part of whatever Reginald did. It’s all a lot to process.

What happens to Sloane?

We don’t know what happened to Sloane because she does not end up with the rest of the family when they’re transported to the courtyard. It could mean that with the timeline reset, Sloane is wherever she would have been had Reginald not adopted her, but then surely the same thing would have happened to this new version of Ben?

It’s strange that Ben would end up with the rest of the family, but Sloane wouldn’t. Yes, there was “another” old Ben that died, but the Ben in the courtyard is the same Sparrow Ben we’d seen all season. I wonder if Sloane is trapped somewhere between dimensions or if she’s living a normal life and won’t remember Luther at all.

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